Why set up DKIM and SPF?


We need to set up some things in the background that'll help increase your deliverability and get emails in inboxes.  


And one of the #1 ways we can help with this is by setting up your DKIM and SPF records.


We'll configure what's called your SPF and DKIM records which get rid of that pesky "via hubspot.com" which contacts may see in their inbox and helps increase deliverability to your contact's inbox.


So, what we need from you is some information!  (Or you can forward this request to your tech team and they can shoot us through the info)


Step by Step

  1. Add to 1Password your client's login details for your domain (that's whomever you purchased your website name from, like Crazy Domains, GoDaddy, etc)

  2. Username:

  3. Password:

  4. Pin (optional):

            They should have sent you an email with those details when you first made the purchase.


            2. Copy and paste the following template, so you don’t miss any information!


Project Template

Project Type: Setup

Project Title: DKIM and SPF

1Password?: Yes (Make sure you add your domain to your 1Password Vault)

HubSpot Account:

Job Description:

Please setup my DKIM and SPF records to help increase deliverability. 


Estimated timeline

All set! This is a quick job, and it will take 1 business day to be completed.