Lite and Silver Tiers: Response within 1 Business Day

Our average response time is around 6 hours, however, we will always respond within 1 business day.

For example, if you send through a request in the early morning, we typically respond in the afternoon.

We also work to always respond within 1 business day (again most likely sooner) to any responses or questions you have as we work on your projects.  

Gold Tier: Response within 2 hours

Partner Tier clients will always receive a response within 2 hours (business hours) 9 am - 6 pm EST.

What is usually the first response to a new project?

When you submit a new project request we work to always respond within 1 business day with either:

  1. Estimated date of when we will have it done,
  2. Estimated date and some questions, or
  3. Questions that we need to be answered before we can supply the estimate and get started. If there are too many questions we will ask to book a zoom call with you so we can get it clarified asap.

Example Projects with Estimates

Here is a great breakdown of example projects and estimates:

Project Ideas and Estimated Timelines

We hope this helps you with planning and understanding time frames, please feel free to reach out to your PM if you have ANY questions.