• When submitting a project, there are specific details that, if always provided, will give the highest probability of getting started as soon as possible.

  •  Below are the details which we recommend always providing. Make sure to take the time in the beginning to send us as much detail and context as possible.

  • Taking the time in the beginning, will save days to a project's deliverable.

Below you will find a template you can use so any information is missed when submitting your project!

Key points you need to cover if you don’t wanna use the template.

Context and Description

Context: Are there any previous actions regarding this need? Provide a bit of context about the project. The more details you provide, the better.

We also say provide us with the Why and the What, we will work out the How

Why? (GOAL): 

Why does your client need this project done? Give a little high level on why this is important to the client.

What? (Desired state): 

What is the trigger to start it? What is the final result supposed to look like?

How? (We got this part):

 We will take the Why and the What and translate that into a deliverable that will accomplish your goal. 

**Unless you have a specific way you need something implemented, generally, the team will come up with how the solution should be built and ask any questions needed to drive out specifics.**

How to best fill out the fields in a Project Brief:

  • Project Title:  Name of the account - What needs to be done
    Eg. ON THE FUZE - Migrating site from WordPress to HubSpot

  • Project Description: 

    • Context is EVERYTHING. Remember we are not in the room with you, so providing a bit of context around why you need this done can help sometimes.

    • The goal of the Project: What is the actual goal of the project? This is part of the context, and sometimes we can even provide feedback on better ways that can be achieved when provided.

    • Triggers: What kicks this off? Is it a form submission, a property change being applied, a Landing Page filled out...?

    • Outcome: Ensure you are clear on the outcome so we can provide you with an accurate schedule or a quick resolution. If a workflow, what is the end goal of the campaign? What will make the workflow finish?

    • Questions: Are you not clear on how something would work? Please feel free to ask questions about how we would build anything.

  • Deadline: Let us know if you have a deadline or a specific time frame you need the work completed (maybe a hard launch date with a client)

    We can't guarantee that we will be able to complete the project by this deadline. However, we will do our best to consider the deadline when we are scheduling your project.

  • Copy/Content: Please attach any files or URL to any document containing the copy for any emails, landing pages, or SMS.

    TIP: It's a good idea to have the copy prewritten, if they are not, your delivery date for the project is typically extended 1 or 2 business days as we will need to re-test after updating any content.

  • Attachments: Sometimes, a picture is worth a thousand words. Make sure you attach any supporting documentation that would help us solve your request ASAP.

GOLDEN STAR, if you can provide quick videos through Loom or Vinyard, we know sometimes typing a project is hard, so maybe a quick explanation would help! We have an article explaining deeper, please take a deeper look here. 


  • Let us know what priority the project has. At the bottom of the brief, you can add Priority or simply contact your Project Manager to edit the spreadsheet and redistribute your queue. 


Is this preventing your business from running and needs to be solved ASAP? For example, a website or landing page down...or a workflow is broken and going to the wrong segment of clients?

  • If you have an URGENT item (not a request for a change), add URGENT to the subject line, which will trigger the team to investigate as soon as possible.

    We typically are back to you within an hour to update you on the next steps.

    Note: A URGENT will stop all other work, and we will focus all our resources on fixing the issue for you. Can NOT guarantee a timeline we can get it done, but we will prioritize it.

Still don’t know how to start? Take a look at the kind of project we usually work on here.