1. Purpose: What is the purpose of this workflow?

  2. Flow Document: Do you have a map with all the flow? 

    If yes, please share this with us. We suggest using:
    1. Miro: https://miro.com/
    2. Lucid Charts:  https://www.lucidchart.com/

  3. Trigger Start: What actions/properties are triggering this workflow to start?

  4. How many emails should this include?

  5. Email Template: Should we build these emails? 
    1. If yes, which email template should we use, or what is the structure?

  6. Timers: What are the timers between emails?

  7. Triggers Caused: What specific actions should this workflow trigger?

  8. Lists: Should this workflow populate a contact list?

  9. Dashboard: Do you need us to add any metrics from this workflow to a dashboard?

  10. Notifications: Who should receive the notifications?

  11. Campaign: Do you want us to add this workflow into a specific campaign or do you want to create a new one?