1. How many personas do you want us to add?

  2. My Persona tool: Should we create the personas using this HubSpot tool?

    Note: If you want us to use the Make My Persona tool from Hubspot, please provide us with the information requested or simply fill it in and we will check if this was correctly set up.

  3. Personas property: If you do not want us to use the HubSpot personas tool, we need you to provide us with the following information to create the personas:

    • Basic information

      • Name

      • Description

      • Profile Photo

    • Internal notes

      • Roles 

      • Goals 

      • Challenges

    • Demographics

      • Age

      • Income range

      • Education

      • Location

    • Story

  4. Lists: Should we build a list of contacts that match the personas?

  5. DashboardDo you need us to add any metrics from personas to a dashboard?