1. Content: What is the copy for the pillar page(s)?

    Please make sure to include buttons, images (high resolution), videos, etc.

  2. References: Do you or your client have any pages they like and would like us to use for inspiration?

  3. Logo: Do you have a high-resolution version of the logo for us to include? 

    Note: Only if applicable. If the logo already exists in HubSpot, then you don't need to send it again. Also, if the navigation menu global module has already been built into the HubSpot account we don't need you to send the logo. 

  4. Branding: What are your branding guidelines? 

    Note: You can provide the file. 
    If you do not have branding guidelines, please provide us with fonts, colour codes and styles. 

  5. Forms and CTAs: What forms or CTAs should we include on the page?

    Note: Please provide the copy and fields that should be included

  6. SEO tool: How do you want us to associate this pillar page with the SEO HubSpot tool?

  7. Topic clusters: Please provide us with the topic clusters. 

    Note: You can find more information about topic clusters here.

  8. Campaign: Do you want us to add this pillar page into a specific campaign or do you want to create a new one?

  9. Dashboard: Do you need us to add any metrics from this workflow to a dashboard?