Below are the details we need when sending a HubSpot CMS Website build

Be sure to also review the  OTF Website Process for full details on how we go about building.

Design Details (if you are providing design)

  1. Design Documents (Required)

    Please send us the AI/PSD/AdobeXD/Figma

                        How to send an Adobe XD design

  1. Design System (Recommended): If possible and for better guidance when providing us with designs, we suggest also supplying a design system for our developers to understand better how each of the pages should be built.

    Please see the examples attached below.

Brief Details

  • Sitemap (Required): Please provide a full sitemap, including page titles

  • HubSpot CMS Theme (Required): What CMS theme do you want us to use?

  • Logo (Required): Please send us a high-resolution logo in SVG.

  • Branding and Style Guide (Required): Please share with us the branding guidelines. Or let us know color codes, fonts, and styles.
    • Fonts: 
      • We highly recommend the use of Google fonts as these have fewer risks of presenting responsiveness issues. 
      • If you want us to use a custom font, please provide us with all the files and make sure this font is purchased. 

  • Content: Has all content been written and have you attached it?

  • Images: Please provide us with high-resolution image files
    1. Are you using a naming convention for images?
    2. Are you needing us to source any images from our Stock images?

  • HubSpot Access (Required): Have you given us access to this HubSpot account?

  • System pages: Do you need us to build system pages? If yes, which ones do you need us to build?

  • Plugins: Any specific plugins you want or require?

  • QA: Below you will find listed the standard screen resolutions we test, if you would like to add others, please specify: 
    • 1920×1080 (Large Desktop) 
    • 1366×768 (Desktop) 
    • 768×1024 (Tablet) 
    • 414×816 (Mobile)