Below are the details we need when sending a WordPress to HubSpot CMS Migration brief

Be sure to also review the  OTF Website Process for full details on how we go about building.

Brief Details

  • Sitemap (Required): Please provide a full sitemap, including page titles

  • Design Changes: Are there any specific pages that need design updates or changes?
  • HubSpot CMS Theme (Required): What CMS theme do you want us to use?

  • OTF CMS Theme (recommended and not cost): Our custom HubSpot CMS Theme
  • Other Themes your OTF team are familiar developing with are:
  • Logo (Required): Please send us a high-resolution logo in SVG.
  • Branding and Style Guide (Required): Please share with us the branding guidelines. Or let us know color codes, fonts, and styles.

  • Content: Has all content been written and have you attached it?

  • Images: Please provide us with high-resolution image files
    1. Are you using a naming convention for images?
    2. Are you needing us to source any images from our Stock images?

  • HubSpot Access (Required): Have you given us access to this HubSpot account?
  • WordPress Access (Required): Have you given us access to WordPress install?

  • System pages: Do you need us to build system pages? If yes, which ones do you need us to build?

  • URL Redirects: Do you want us to take care of the redirection of URLs?
  • Blog: Do we need to migrate the blog?
  • QA: Below you will find listed the standard screen resolutions we test, if you would like to add others, please specify: 
    • 1920×1080 (Large Desktop) 
    • 1366×768 (Desktop) 
    • 768×1024 (Tablet) 
    • 414×816 (Mobile)