When submitting a website project to OTF it is important for you to know what actions you should take and what will be our internal process.

Please find below the step by step:

Step 1 - Submit website brief

When you have decided to submit a website project to OTF please make sure you have gathered all the information required for us to work on it.

How do you know if you have gathered all the information?

  1. Go to our project briefs section and under web development, you will choose the option that relates better with the website project you are submitting.
  2. Make sure you read through all the questions/information we request and use that as a guide to request the information from your client
  3. When collecting files, make sure these are high quality and that you have given us permissions to access

Step 2 - Review and Submit

Once you've gathered all the information requested, you can move forward and submit the project using the ticket submission form.

Step 3 - Create an initial timeline

Your project manager will receive the project and will:

  1. Review all information and make sure it is complete and clear
  2. Test access to HS/WP and any other platform we will use for this project
  3. Start to build a timeline, based on the sitemap you have provided
  4. Review which pages will be templates and which are same structure different copy pages

Step 4 - Project Kickoff Call

When the project manager has completed the timeline he/she will send it to you and will set up a Project Kickoff Call with you to review the timeline and let us know any important details we should know before starting the design and build.

Step 5 - Finalised timeline

Once we have reviewed the project together, we will review internally with our design, development, and QA teams to provide you with a finalized estimate of business days for each page delivered and a final due date for the project. 

Step 6 - Start working...and iterative approach

Once we have the team's input and agreed timeline will get started on the website!  

Iterative Delivery

We build iteratively, meaning we are building and delivering pages throughout the project, not as a single delivery at the end.  

If we are doing a design and build, we will typically get design approval of 1-2 pages, and then in parallel begin to build approved pages, while continuing to design the remaining pages.

QA Process

As we build and deliver, pages are individually run through our QA team, while also reserving a time at the end of the project for a full site QA, which is typically at least 3-5 business days.

Along the way you will receive:

  • The timeline will be updated with the pages delivered and dates
  • The next page that will be delivered with a due date

Step 7 - Feedback and changes

As we deliver, any feedback or changes are gathered and if a major issue or something that will affect other pages, we might fix it before moving forward, otherwise we will save to go back and make changes in bulk towards the end of the project.

For feedback/changes/additions on the pages, we will use a tool called Userback which we will install on the website we are building. 

Please click here to get details on how to use Userback.

Step 8 - Launch

Once all feedback issues have been resolved and the site has passed final QA...we deliver and go live!!!