Client Portal 

We ask that ALL communication (text) regarding your projects or account is done within the client portal (here). 

Having a single source of all communication reduces the risk of details being lost as well as allows other PMs to jump in and help if your PM is sick or on holiday.

Please do NOT email your PM direct or details will get lost which will add risk to the project in terms of meeting deadlines.

Zoom Project Kickoff Meetings

For certain projects, such as a website or HubSpot Onboardings, your PM will book a project kickoff call to walk through the timeline and make sure everything is clear for both teams.

Check out the full website process here: What is the OTF website process?

Zoom Ad-Hoc Meetings

Anytime there seems to be a lot of back and forth or any confusion around a project we will recommend jumping on a quick zoom call to walk through the details and make sure everyone is on the same page.

If you ever feel you need to discuss a project, please use your PMs meeting link (check your onboarding email if you forgot it, or ask your PM), to book a time.

Your PM can typically book a time with you within 1 business day.

Why no email or slack?

In order to lower the risk of details getting lost, we need a central place for all project communication to exist.  We need the ability for another PM to jump in and help in case your PM is sick or is on holiday. 

We tested and found, if communication is spread across multiple platforms, details get lost.  And when testing Slack specifically, we found communication became incredibly reactive, with parties not taking the time to write good details, and again details got lost and project delivery times actually slowed.