When it comes to building websites, we have concluded that our clients have different expectations on what they expect we deliver. 


Of course, we will ALWAYS deliver websites in a timely matter (between 25 to 35 business days + Final QA process for standard 15-20 pages websites) but also on high-quality standards and for these to be user-friendly so clients can manage and administrate the building of the website. 


What determines a pixel-perfect project?


A Pixel-Perfect project is defined when requesting landing pages or full websites built to be as close as possible to design, not only on structure but, more specifically, on the spacing between elements (measured in pixels), size of images or icons, and fonts sizes. 


What you need to know before submitting a pixel-perfect project


Screen resolutions. 

At OTF, we work on the following standard resolutions:

  • 1920x1080 (Large Desktop)

  • 1366x768 (Desktop)

  • 768x1024 (Tablet)

  • 414x768 (Mobile)

This means that we can ensure that the page or website will look as your design in those resolutions. If you need us to build for a resolution different from the above, you will need to provide the design for that specific resolution, so we know how it will be structured and distributed.


It doesn’t mean the design will look entirely different on other screens; it will just not have the exact measures in pixels the design provided. 


Design files format

For us to build a website under the strict standards of Pixel Perfect, we need to have the design on any of the following online sharable versions of these platforms to get all the assets and CSS information:


SKETCH design  Format

If your design team is working on Sketch, you can convert the file into Adobe XD; nevertheless, always provide a PNG or JPG image of how the design look on your end, as sometimes, when converting the files, some elements disappear or change. This ensures that what you see on your end and what our team takes as reference is the same. 


NOTE: If we convert the files from sketch to one of the approved, this will add 1/2 business day to the design timeline for each page converted. 


Builders and themes

Additionally, for HubSpot CMS websites: the website's development should not be restricted to a particular Theme from the HubSpot Marketplace (we will use our Horizon Theme), and for WordPress websites: the design should be based on the capabilities of the Elementor Builder.


Had not the above conditions been met, we can promise to be close to the design but not Pixel Perfection.