• As a client, you have until 8 am to submit projects for the sprint starting Monday

  • Projects in your backlog will be activated

  • Your project manager will be sending you the confirmation points per project and the total of used points for the sprint. 


  • Sprint starts which means that our implementation team will get hands-on projects. 

  • If our implementation team has any questions, this is the day we will return to you with any questions or missing information and highlight if we have blockers.

  • If you have a short or quick project for this sprint, you will start to receive those deliverables this day

Tuesdays and Wednesdays

  • Most of the deliverables will happen these days

  • If we have any delays with a specific project, we will notify you and let you know the reasons why this project will not be able to be delivered on the current sprint. 

  • If you are a Gold client, get ready to meet your project manager. 
    This is an opportunity to review the current sprint and plan the projects for the next sprint.

Thursday and Friday

  • Final deliveries with QA will be delivered these days

  • Your project manager will finalise the planning for the next sprint.

As a client, you can constantly send projects for us to add to the backlog or to the next sprint.
We will review them and check if there is any missing information that we can detect.
That way, when the sprint comes, we have all the information to start right away.