How long is a sprint?

Sprints start on Fridays and end on Fridays, meaning one sprint is one week long. Every Friday, you will get o fill in your streams with new projects.

How many points is one stream?

A stream gets 10 points per sprint or a total of 40 points per month.

If I am a Silver client, how many points do I get?

Silver clients get a total of 2 streams per month with a total of 20 points per sprint or 80 points per month.

If I am a Gold client, how many points do I get?

Gold clients get a total of 3 streams per month with a total of 30 points per sprint or 120 points per month.

How do we define points in projects?

This is a relation between time, complexity and customisation. For this, we use the Fibonacci sequence, which helps us standardise the project estimation based on its complexity and time.

Fibonacci sequence

Values are: 1, 2, 3, 5, 8

What are the maximum points a project can have?

Story points are capped at 8 sprint points as larger tasks or deliverables greater than 8 should be broken into smaller pieces to prevent underestimation and clearly demonstrate the steps required.

What happens if my projects exceed the sprint?

There are projects like data migrations, websites, and integrations that will take on more than one sprint. In these cases, we will make sure to divide the project, so it is clear to you the deliverables for each sprint.

When should I submit my projects?

You can submit your projects any time and build a backlog; then, every Friday at 8 am (central time), we will review and estimate the project for the next sprint.

If you submit a project on Friday after 8 am (central time), this will be activated in the next sprint.

 Important: if this project is a quick job, we will add it to the sprint and make sure it is delivered as soon as we can.

What happens if I submit a project on a day different from Friday?

These projects that you submit will be activated on the next sprint.

Therefore, we highly suggest you submit projects before Friday to build your backlog and make sure we are getting ready for the next sprint.

Can I add a project mid-sprint in case I have something from a client that has come in and needs to be done that week?

Yes, it is set up for you to do if needed; as we know, sometimes that is a reality.

You will need to remove something already planned and replace it with the new project. 

Also, it might take one day before we can start it, as will need to resource it, so it is better for you if not the norm, but the exception.

What happens if all my points are full and I still have projects in the backlog?

These projects will be waiting in the backlog for the next sprint to be activated. You will be able to let us know your priorities, and we will work on these projects first.

What happens if I have technical questions and need a meeting?

Gold clients:

Our Gold clients will have scheduled weekly meetings with PMs to overview the current sprint and the next one.  If you require our technical team to attend, just let your PM know, and a member of our implementation team will be there.

Silver clients:

If you require a meeting, just let your PM know, and they will schedule it, or you can book a time using your PM's booking link.